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Obstetric Calculator

Calculate your baby's due date (EDC) using the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP).

Other dates obtained using the LMP (Last menstruation period) and the EDC (Estimated day of confinement) are:

* Gestational age
* Conception date
* First test
* First ultrasound
* Second test
* Second ultrasound

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Krispin Runner

Krispin Runner it's a runner platform with three imposible levels. This game has easy controllers, for casual gamers who want a challenge with this 2D platform game.

The game has cartoon and funny style for all ages.

The character named Krispin jumps platforms with his double jump and runs for all map increasing his speed. The platform has obstacles that the character has to dodge.

I hope you all like this funny game.

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Duelyst: Deck Builder

This application that help users to build decks. It is also a Duelyst card database that lists every cards from the game "Duelyst" made by Counterplay Games.


* Build and save decks
* Complete information about all your games
* Edit Decks
* Units descriptions
* Cards counter ingame
* Statistics each deck
* Matches results
* Share Decks
* Share a deck code
* Create a new deck with a code
* Games Results faction vs faction

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